Opening date: 21 October 1998

Closing date: 31 October 1998

The city of Cuenca, Ecuador, was the capital of sport in South America, when they celebrated the VI South American Games. The cities substations were: Gualaceo, Paute, Guayaquil, Salinas and Quito. The Flame Suramericana wine of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, passed by Guayaquil and arrived at Basin on the eve of the Opening Ceremony. Guyana, for the first time, sent a delegation. In this opportunity participated 1,525 athletes, 14 countries distributed in 24 sports and broke the record of medals delivered: 1,115 Argentina won 235 medals - 101 gold - conquering the greatest number of medals in total. Colombia was in second position, with 74 gold medals and a total of 179. In the third place, there was a tie between Brazil and Venezuela in the number of gold medals - 50 for each country - but Brazil won in the sum total, with 153 medals against the 126 of Venezuela.

Bibliographic source: http://www.odesur.org/cuenca-98-ecuador/