Codesur games and Chinese experts working on the screenplays for both acts


Published Saturday, 04 de March del 2017

Within the framework of the agreement signed by the national Government through the Ministry of sports and the Government of the People's Republic of China, a new delegation of trainers began his work with the Organizing Committee of the XI Protocol Unit staff games South American Cochabamba 2018 (Codesur) in the Organization of the opening ceremonies and closing of the sporting event. In press conference, the delegation of six experts unveiled the activities that take place during the 30 days of stay in Cochabamba.

Between the main task is gathering information about the Bolivian culture. It will serve for the elaboration of screenplays by the Codesur personnel with the advice of the Asian experts. Similarly, a project for the preparation of actors based on a script established between both parties will be produced.

The executive general director of Codesur, Marcelo Ortubé, thanked the willingness of the Chinese delegation to collaborate in activities towards the games. "Thank you predisposition from the day arrived. "They are seeing the culture of the country and several issues will be taken into account to a very particular event", mentioned Ortubé. The Authority stressed that Codesur will support in what they require planning and the event itself are a success.

The delegation already has experience in the Organization of sports ceremonies, which enriches the work carried out with the organizers of the games. The head of the delegation, Wang Chao, noted that there is confidence that with the cooperation of Codesur first level events may carry out. "From 2017 to 2018 we will send nearly 35 people including experts professional directors to Bolivia to prepare the actors and directors of the Bolivian part", he explained in time to publicize that they will also supply costumes presentations and part of the props that will be required.

After his arrival, the first impression you had of the country was positive and highlighted the multiculturalism of Bolivia. "We are surprised by the mountains, the lakes and above all people. We know that Bolivia is a multicultural country", explained Chao.

The members of the delegation are: Wang Chao, head of the delegation; Wang Ting Jie, general manager; Wang Fang Ling, Director; Zhou Yanhong, Director; Tian Haiying, Director and Shu Peng, translator.