The Coliseum "Evo Morales" meets the requirements to host basketball


Published Wednesday, 29 de March del 2017

The International Federation of basketball (FIBA) visited the facilities of the sports Coliseum "Evo Morales" in the town of Quillacollo in the framework of the programme of official visits of federations and confederations sports given by the Organizing Committee of the XI games South American Cochabamba 2018 (Codesur).

The assessment was positive in every aspect since the characteristics of the sports stage exceeded expectations of Javier Otero, delegate technical of the FIBA Americas, who was in charge of leading the inspection. "It is a surprise, the truth must confess that Bolivia has an installation at the international level that could host any event at any level of basketball," said Otero at the end of the inspection to the field of play and complementary environments of the Colosseum. He said that what remains for infrastructure is to make basketball events to promote the sport, especially in a region that is very passionate about this sport such as Quillacollo.

The first part of the inspection consisted of check the complementary environments such as locker rooms, areas of heating, industry judges, vip areas, booths of transmission, among others. They were seen with good eyes by the international delegate, who enhanced the good state which maintains the Coliseum as well as the amplitude of spaces for athletes, officials, judges and public.

Then proceeded to verify details of the playing field, for which the regulatory actions of the Court and hoops, scoreboards, control tables and complementary spaces were taken into account.

The observations that were made were few and are based on modifications that can be remedied easily. For the games must purchase a 24 seconds of three or four-sided control system, given that what exists is a front face. You must also purchase a table control complies with the requirements of the regulation. Finally, assessed the sports floor and the delegate mentioned that pot of the ball, there are some gaps in some areas, this is a product of the internal structure, or Assembly; for this reason should be made arrangements to address this aspect. The Sports Centre

is located in the Sapenco area in the town of Quillacollo, has an area of 16.500 m2 and a capacity for 12.016 spectators, 11.924 stands and 92 in the VIP lounge. The stage features six changing rooms for ladies and men, both properly equipped, an own room for anti-doping, four locker rooms for referees with a warming room, eight rooms of warming for athletes, two medical cabinets and lounge vip (palco official) for up to 92 people. In addition, are areas for the work of the press with 12 cabins of transmission and a press or conference room.

Participating categories

in his visit to the Sports Centre, Otero also referred to the categories that will participate in the 11th games South American Cochabamba 2018. The delegate stated that games categories will be open, so it is expected the best level of South American basketball. "The categories are open, have no age limit. Each country will have to send its best representative", he said. Javier Otero also made reference to the recent games South American Santiago 2014, in which was the presence of high level players especially in the teams of Argentina and Brazil, so it is anticipated that selections will come with their best players to compete in the games. Finally, it said that the 2018 competition will have eight teams both ladies and men.

Mode 3 x 3, the novelty of the games

Years ago, FIBA works in the incursion of this new modality whose adaptation serves to attract fans of basketball. It is played in the middle of a statutory court with two teams of three players and the possibility of making only one change. This mode shows a more urban game, so athletes, in addition to showing their conditions for basketball, also show a show with music and entertainers for the public.

Otero mentioned that FIBA looking for that in the next Olympic Games, 3 x 3 basketball is an approved discipline, so before will be testing at international events and Cochabamba 2018 would be one of them. "We are seeing that this discipline can be performed in Cochabamba as proof," said at the time to announce that at the upcoming Central American Games and of the Caribbean Barranquilla 2018 in the Pan American Games Lima 2019, also tests of this new modality will be.