Mayor promised progress in the works


Published Thursday, 19 de January del 2017

This week there were vivistas of important South American confederations and Panamericanas, today the President of the Confederation Suramericana's Athletics Roberto Gesta de Melo, was present who, together with the Executive Director of the XI games South American Cochabamba 2018 Dr. José Luis Zelada, Mayor of the Government Autonomous Municipal Cochabamba Jose Maria laws, Chief of the games South American of the Mayor Sergio Renan Lopez President of the Bolivian framework Arze Olympic Committee and the President of the Bolivian Athletics Federation Marco Luque made an inspection to the stage where carry out Athletics located in the petroleum complex area south. During the inspection the President of the Confederation expressed satisfaction by the place where is placed the work, it expected that it culminates in January 2018. 

The Mayor of Cochabamba Department undertook this work since it will be the first roofed stage of athletics at the South American level. Moreover CODESUR executive director expressed satisfaction for the meetings that are being held with the municipalities which undertake to accelerate works to have point-to-point works towards the SuramericanosParalelamente Games athlete Bruno Rojas, who is Bolivian representative in international competitions and national records was present at the inspection, showed satisfaction with the work because athletes have where prepare in the future. 

Subsequently the authorities mentioned above moved to the offices of the Organizing Committee of the XI games South American Cochabamba 2018 (CODESUR), where was made a detailed presentation of the characteristics of stage athletics. 

For evening there are plans to start technical tables where medals, jueceos, sports equipment ect issues are tackled.