Is expected that the hangars, the Tower of arrival and the stands are fixed


Published Saturday, 21 de January del 2017

Joao Tomasini President of the Confederation South American of boating next to the Director General of them XI games South American Cochabamba 2018 José Luis Zelada, Fabio Ramirez Manager technical of ODESUR (Organization sports South American) conducted an inspection to it infrastructure for canoeing, remo, waters open, triathlon and ski nautical, where is presented some difficulties legal that will be cured in the course of this week that was the commitment of the Committee organizer of them XI games South American Cochabamba 2018 (CODESUR). 
"The place is good, people living here has made it clear that the winds are good for the date of the event for this time of competition, infrastructure the natural stands is an important legacy, we want that the control tower is permanent, it is a legacy for the sport could do competitions next and let that tower as legacy is the demand we have for CODESUR" said Tomasini. 
Is expected for the next few weeks to initiate the works, even though they are small details that must be in the infrastructure still are in the established time of face games. 
There are aspects that are have that define as be the point of arrival and the date of the culmination of them works this to is give greater tranquility to ODESUR.