Concluded the first stage of blocks 5 and 6 South American town


Published Wednesday, 04 de October del 2017

Housing blocks 5 and 6 of the Villa in South America in charge of the company construction & metal structures (Estrutec S.R.L.), are concluded in his thick work phase and the company already begins with the work of fine work.

First, it was planned that the construction work completed in May or June of the present management, however this was started on 14 January and concluded in 83 days taking into account the construction of the heavy work from the basement of both buildings. Work was accelerated due to the reduction of time in the recesses of each slab, from 12 days to five per floor. This work could be done thanks to technology acquired by the Builder.

With 30 people working at times day and night, Estrutec is the first of the seven construction companies that concludes the first phase of the blocks, which encourages the rest of the companies to conclude within the time limits and deliver 14 housing blocks end of the year.

The general director of the Organizing Committee of the XI South American Games Cochabamba 2018 (Codesur), Marcelo Ortubé, expressed his satisfaction with the progress shown by Estrutec as well as the six construction companies. "Happy because they have shown us that there is the will and commitment to the country, the sport and the South American Games," he said. In addition, mentioned that although there is a difference with the rest of the buildings, all of them are within the prescribed period.

The other six companies also accelerate the step. The company Constructora Serrano in charge of blocks 3 and 4, is concluding the coarse work in ten slabs. The remaining five, have an average of advance of the 27.4%.

The fine work or second stage faces parallel. According to Dennis Torrico, Superintendent of the work, blocks 5 and 6 are on the sixth floor with the fine work, which encouraged believing that the work can be completed and be delivered on September 14, the anniversary of Cochabamba. "The rhythms of work we could significantly reduce the times." Why not dream a delivery the 14 of September. ", she said.

Furthermore, Milton Claros, Minister of Public Works, congratulated the company on work and the optimization of times. "We are pleased that we can move forward in efficient and effective in the development of this project; a work that is a commitment as a country", said. According to the authority, these preliminary results and from the technical point of view there are possibilities to reduce times, allowing you to have additional time to meet the higher goal.

The South American Villa will house more than 4,000 athletes arriving at Cochabamba next May of 2018. The housing blocks include four apartments per floor with 3 bedrooms each. After the games, buildings will go into social housing for the low-income population.