Name: Juki
 Origin: Bolivia - Cochabamba
 The Jukumari Bear is an inhabitant of the Andes, it is found in the valleys of Cochabamba, part of the history of these places I came to write about, known as the Legend of Bear Jukumari who is a maid who has a son with this bear, Quechua tradition this legend it became a reality and it is confirmed that the person who descends from this wonderful animal lives by Tarata and has a force out of the ordinary. This bear is a great and worthy representative of the department of Cocha-bamba, and the above, grace, tenderness and beauty that it has been taken into account as a mascot to represent the ODESUR Olympics.
 Bolivian-Cochabambino this Teddy bears in his eyes or lentecitos to South America in the form of abstract spots, meaning: "I see where you see it is South America" ​​and the world has its eyes on the South American Olympic Games.